Setting Goals, Drinking Water and Meditating, Oh My: Ways to Kick-Start Your Morning September 25, 2017 – Posted in: Health, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Of all the routines that are unpleasant in our lives, getting up in the morning – especially if you’ve been out late the night before – has to rank up there with the worst of them. Sure, we can stuff this category with other miserable tasks such as going to the dentist, starting a new job, attending a new school and even waiting on line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but when we’re exhausted and that dreaded alarm clock blares us awake, there seems to be nothing worse at that moment in time. It can be argued that this is precisely where a snooze bar comes in handy, but the majority of us would rather pull those warm covers back over our heads and immerse ourselves in that deep sleep.

But being that we must get up as responsible adults and face the daily responsibilities which lie ahead, what we do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day – and we want to make sure we kick things off to a good start every time. We’ll be talking about “conscious creating” and “authentic expression” – two powerful components that define the Jovovo Naturals brand – and how they tie into ways to kick start your morning via holistic skin care, but let’s begin by providing some general suggestions when it comes to planning an eye-opening day.

Here are some tips, just off the tops of our heads:

• Check your phone after breakfast, as starting your morning by attaching yourself to the cell phone will make you feel overwhelmed.
• Nourish yourself by drinking plenty of water and eating foods that are good for you.
• Set goals for the day.
• Take five minutes (or more) to engage in something you enjoy – listening to music, yoga, etc.

Some Additional Suggestions

Don’t Hit Snooze – The aforementioned snooze bar on your alarm clock is tempting, but you don’t actually require that additional 10 minutes of sleep; going back to sleep after an alarm goes off causes us to wake up even groggier than before.
Meditate – Strive to arrive at a crossroads of unshakable, powerful inner peace before checking your calendar or scanning those 50 unread emails.
Get Your Gears Turning – For some of us, this means coffee; for others, this means a fast jaunt around the park before we leave for the office. Though we all wake our bodies up in different ways, this step is crucial in starting our day in a positive way.

The Holistic Skin Care Factor

Crafted from premium natural and organic ingredients, Jovovo Naturals products are free of fillers, harsh chemicals and preservatives, and everything we make and sell is tested by dermatologists and allergists for every skin type. What does this have to do with kick-starting your morning, you ask? To begin with, we are proud of our “consciously created” moniker which assures that we’re personally involved and aware of what ingredients are being used in our products from start to finish. Not only do we know what ingredients, we know how each ingredient helps our customers – and, equally important, why.

Case in point: Using skin care products that are natural in essence and which encourage “authentic expression” is another great way to kick off your day. Indeed, the ingredients we infuse our products with not only bring radiance to your face and other visible parts of your body, but will also coax smiles and positive feelings all around as they make you feel fresh, clean and ready to tackle any challenges that await.

Jovovo Naturals strives to help its treasured customer base with consciously creating the beginning and end of each day with self-care, making self-honoring choices and authentic expression.