The People:

Conscious creators and founders of Jovovo Naturals, Randy and Charisse Webster are taking all-natural farm-to-face skin care to a deeper level.

From as early as they can remember, both Randy and Charisse grew up creating.

Raised on a farm in Northern California, Randy enjoyed working with the soil, cultivating crops and experimenting with the likes of wheat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. It was there that he first discovered a deep connection with nature and the many benefits that may be reaped from it.

Charisse, on the other hand, was born and bred in New York City. With a creative gene passed down from her mother, Charisse was always expressing herself through art; whether it be through pottery, painting or gardening, she reveled in the power to create beauty.

Charisse also developed severe skin allergies which went misdiagnosed for decades.

Though frustrated, forward-thinking Charisse started creating natural skin care products in her teens; honing her craft every summer on the magical island of St. Croix where she experimented with the freshest ingredients to create natural scrubs and products for her skin made from ingredients such as oatmeal, papaya, and coconut.

After moving to Los Angeles and still searching for answers to her skin care problems, Charisse realized the importance of testing and, equally vital, being an advocate for yourself!

It took years, but eventually, Charisse learned that she was highly allergic to chemicals including thimerosal, a well-established antiseptic, and antifungal agent, that is a staple ingredient commonly used in most everyday products.

Inspired by the changes they had made in their lives after graduating from the University of Santa Monica's Master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology, the husband and wife team of nearly 20 years became motivated to develop an original, organic and all-natural skin care product line where the goal line and soul line aligned. The result, a luxurious wild-crafted conscious and compassionate brand designed to help others tap into their own personal power by creating and cultivating their inner beauty; a beauty that does not fade but rather grows and matures with time.

Both Charisse and Randy have extensively studied natural skin care and earned numerous certifications including one from a Cosmetic Chemistry program at UCLA that emphasized on skin care ingredients, skin conditions and regulatory issues for cosmetic professionals.

Fast-forward to present day, and the farm boy and city girl have blended their passions and vast personal knowledge to create a unique all-natural, organic skin care line that not only changed Charisse’s life but can change others as well.


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