Refresh Vitamin C Facial Cleanser


About This Natural Face Wash

Cleanse, detoxify, and enrich your skin with our Refresh Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. Delight in the mild scents in this natural face wash, featuring ylang-ylang and chamomile as you gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup and cleanse your pores.

In addition to finishing the day with soft, clean skin, the botanical extracts and oils present in this cleanser contribute to your skin’s long-term health and vitality. Our special blend of vitamin C, green tea, and chamomile is rich in antioxidants. This calms the skin and protects it from free radical damage, leaving you hydrated and refreshed. Additionally, our natural face wash also features tea tree oil, which is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties on top of aiding in the natural treatment of acne and eczema.

Best of all, our Refresh Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is a good value as a little bit goes a long way, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of one bottle for up to six weeks.

5.1 Fluid Ounces of Jovovo Naturals in This Facial Cleaner

Key Botanical Ingredients

Aloe Vera*, Lavender Water, Willow Bark**, Apricot Kernel Oil, Green Tea Extract**, Olive Oil, Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil*, Borage Oil, Orange Peel Tincture, Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit Seed, Calendula*, Burdock Root, Red Clover*, Rosemary*, Gotu Kola Extract*, Horsetail**, Dandelion**, and Wild Geranium**.

See full ingredient list and explanations here.

* Organic ingredient
** Wildcrafted ingredient


All Jovovo Naturals products are:

  • Dermatologist and allergy tested
  • Supported by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

20 reviews for Refresh Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

  • I purchased the Replenish Hyaluronic Serum and used it for a month before purchasing all the other products! I found the Hyaluronic Acid to be very effective for hydrating my skin. I apply after I wash my skin then I add the Royal Uplifting Face Cream. This product leave my skin feeling super hydrated but not oily and LOOKING GLOWING AND PLUMP.

  • My face wash arrived damaged in transit. Thank you for sending another one out so quickly. Love your customer service and LOVE the way the Vitamin C Facial cleanser leaves my skin feeling. Just purchased the Eye Cream.

  • I love the smell of this face wash. You should make a perfume.

  • It really works!

  • Forever customer! The Face wash is made with Camellia Extract, my skin just drinks it up!

  • Love this facial cleanser! It does a great job of removing everything off my skin and leaving it feeling fresh. It smells great too!

  • Amazing cleanser! So easy to apply and so light on my skin!

  • Love Jovovo’s motto and this product is awesome for my skin. Thank you!

  • I have super sensitive skin and some cleansers leave my skin feeling very tight. This cleanser works wonders and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean.

  • My search for an amazing facial cleanser is finally over. I just purchased my 4th bottle and I am hooked! My skin looks flawless and I have been getting so many compliments about how great I look. This facial cleanser is made of amazing natural products such as Aloe Vera, Lavender Water, Willow Bark and Vitamin C. My skin GLOWS now. A little goes along way, the bottle usually last me about 3 1/2 months. I use it every morning and every night. Thank you for his amazing product!

  • I bought this FACIAL CLEANSER from Jovovo about a month ago and I use it at least once a day, sometimes even twice.
    I started noticing a difference in my skin within a week! For the record, I have terrible skin. It’s red, blotchy, uneven, and on top of that I would get terrible breakouts. Even though my skin is still not perfect this product has helped A LOT! It helped detoxifying and enriching my skin, it reduced the redness of my breakouts within a few days of using it and I’m convinced that it has also helped prevent more breakouts. This past month I’ve only had about 2 bad pimples (which is great for me since I used to get a new pimple every couple of days) but other than that my face has been doing great!

  • I love this serum so much. It has vitamin c to brighten and hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture. I apply once in the morning with my moisturizer and sunscreen for a nice glow throughout the day. I have noticed my freckles have somewhat decreased and my skin looks more moisturized and I don’t look as tired in the mornings. I have been using for about two weeks and the difference has been noticed by many people from my surrounding. The serum is made from all organic and wild crafted ingredients. And most importantly it is dermatologist and allergy tested. Very glad of my purchase!!

  • I just LOVE this. I have such sensitive dry skin and this works a dream! I love the smell too

  • This product is really doing a great job to my skin. LOOOOVE IT !

  • Just tried this, and I can see the difference. Really good purchase!

  • I have tried many skin products that are very expensive and not so expensive that claim to get rid of fine lines and renew skin that haven’t worked. I got this Jovovo Facial Cleanser Vitamin C.
    The product description claims that it will protect the skin from free radical damage, leaving you hydrated and refreshed. The fine lines around my upper lips and around my eyes have diminished greatly and my skin feels like silk, now that is really fantastic for a lady of 78 yrs. young.

  • It is a good cleanser to use. It does what it claims, and my skin looks fresh now. highly recommend it.

  • After hearing from my dermatologist that Vitamin C serum is what I should be using for my type of skin, I decided to try Jovovo since the price was very affordable.
    I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now and I am really pleased with the results. I am in my early 30’s and my skin is starting to show signs of sun damage, plus some wrinkles and fine lines, especially around my eyes and forehead. Dehydration and fatigue play big roles here, but part of it is just natural aging.
    After nearly 2 months using this serum at least once per day (usually twice), my skin has improved significantly. This special blend is composed of vitamin C, green tea, and chamomile is rich in antioxidants. All organic ingredients which is just great for my skin! Would definitely recommend.

  • Does a great job of detoxifying my skin, doesn’t smell very strongly of anything which is great. Will be buying this again.

  • Love this Jovovo Facial Cleanser as it’s very gentle on the skin and does the job it’s intended for. I have a very sensitive skin and I find this doesn’t irritate it at all. Now I have found this cleander I wouldn’t use anything else.

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