Natural Skincare: Why Put Cucumbers on Eyes? January 16, 2017 – Posted in: Natural

It’s true! Actually, cucumbers present a number of benefits to your skin, and placing slices of cucumber on your eyes can reduce dark circles. In fact, many skincare products even contain cucumber for its beneficial properties. Combine this natural and timeless beauty tip with natural skincare products and you could achieve the flawless skin you’ve always desired.

At Jovovo Naturals, natural skincare is our main concern. We’re aware of the many harsh chemicals competing products tend to contain, so we strive to provide our customers with safe and natural products to perfect their skin. While placing cucumbers on your eyes is surely beneficial, as we’ll explain below, you can also use our natural eye gel to combat dark circles and maintain healthy skin. Let’s take a look at this classic beauty tip and learn exactly what cucumbers can do for your skin.

What Does Putting Cucumber on Eyes Actually Do?

Like we said, the familiar image has been seen in TV ads and magazines for years, but how many people are actually aware of the benefits putting cucumber on your eyes presents? Can it really reduce puffiness and dark, under-eye circles? A simple answer is yes, but there’s a little more to it.

Typically, puffiness below the eyes is the result of a buildup of lymphatic fluid. Whether it’s caused by diet (salty foods) or a lack of sleep, experts do suggest cucumbers are a viable option to reducing the swelling. Cucumbers contain antioxidants that can reduce irritation, while their cool temperature can reduce swelling. There you have it! Cucumbers can indeed resolve puffy eyes, though avoiding excessively salty foods and getting a good night’s rest is also beneficial. However, cucumbers can do a little more than reduce puffiness—they present advantages to your skin as well!

Additional Benefits of Cucumbers for Skincare

While cucumbers can rejuvenate the skin under your eyes and fade dark circles, putting cucumber on your eyes isn’t the only advantageous use. Some people use grated cucumber as a spread to fade freckles over time. As mentioned, cucumbers are used in numerous skincare products, as they present a number of benefits to the skin. Whether used in a cream or applied directly from the fruit, cucumbers present a few additional benefits to your skin. See the list below:

  • Rubbing fresh cucumber on sunburns provides immediately relief and cooling.
  • 95% water, cucumbers can be used to moisturize skin.
  • Their high content of vitamin E and potassium and decrease fine lines and fight wrinkles.
  • The ascorbic acid in cucumbers is what reduces water retention under your eyes to help reduce swelling.
  • They naturally lighten skin to provide a subtle glow.

Natural Skincare: Cucumbers and Jovovo Naturals

Clearly, the benefits of cucumbers on your skin are far reaching. Putting cucumber on your eyes can reduce puffiness and alleviate irritation, while its pulp and cucumber-containing products can moisturize, rejuvenate and even tighten skin. So, next time you wake up with those dark under-eye circles, try cucumber slices! And remember, using cucumber along with our refreshing eye gel is a great way to maximize the benefits of both.

If you’d like to continue naturally caring for your skin, check out the safe and healthy products we consciously create at Jovovo Naturals. You can improve your skin and your well-being!