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How would one go about defining “creative expression”? What is the nature and purpose of it? Can creativity be explored through a variety of disciplines while maintaining a primary route to self-expression?

To many, the answers to these questions are as multi-faceted as the definition of creativity itself – indeed, at its core, creative expression can mean everything: It’s a form of existence that bends and spins, flows and falls and rises and suspends. Art, in its most expansive definition, contains all forms of creative expression, and creativity can be viewed as one of the most potent forces in the world…and in our lives. Those who have a steadfast commitment to regular creative expression devote their entire lives to a canvas or blank page onto which their hearts and souls are poured – and our world is all the more better for it.

Enter Jovovo Naturals, a natural skin care company fairly new on the premium skin care products scene that asks the question of its customers, “What is ‘consciously created’?” Being aware from start to finish what ingredients are being used in their skin care products, and understanding that these ingredients help their customers (which is why they put them in their natural skin care recipes in the first place), is how Jovovo representatives usually define the term. Indeed, the team behind the innovative Jovovo products give their all when creating “conscious skin care solutions for conscious people,” remaining committed to delivering high-quality items that promise to not only enhance customers’ appearances, but their well-being.

But how does this tie into the idea of authentic expression? How is Jovovo Naturals actually fostering authentic expression through creativity? Take into consideration the actual packaging of the products – the owners of the company were responsible for painting the art that is so beautifully rendered on the jars and containers, and customers are encouraged to apply the products in an upward heart-shaped motion that suggests making “heart-centered choices” in all that they do. According to Jovovo personnel, this is representative of changing the shape of one’s life for the better, made even more uplifting if customers smile while applying the product.

Not only will this help with the application process, say Jovovo representatives, but happiness will be created when smiling unleashes dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

“Our intention at Jovovo Naturals is to assist our customers in consciously creating their day from the start with self-care, making self-honoring choices and indulging in authentic expression,” says a senior representative for Jovovo Naturals“As ‘conscious creators’ ourselves, we believe quality of life originates from such authentic expression and dedication to effective, high-quality products; there is an ongoing theme in our work at Jovovo that suggests every one of us possess the knowledge it requires to find our inner joy and heal.

“Ultimately, to us, the notion of creative expression helps connect humans, at all stages of life – including recovery from trauma – to that inner healing voice.”

In the end, there are a myriad of routes to self-expression, and exploration of creativity can be achieved via a plethora of artistic disciplines including dance, drama, creative writing, music, the visual arts and photography. All these activities engage a participant (or artist) in a process that utilizes a “holistic health framework” to access physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, ultimately facilitating moments of vitality and connection.

Each of Jovovo’s products is dermatologist- and allergy-tested to ensure safety for all skin types.

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