Cruelty Free Skin Care & Beyond: Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce Stress August 23, 2017 – Posted in: Health, Lifestyle

Here at Jovovo Naturals, we’re very big on holistic, authentic and conscious approaches not only to cruelty free skin care, but to being true to oneself and living a full life. To this end, we’d like to talk a little about what it means to be mindful with regard to how the skin reacts negatively when under high levels of stress. After all, treating every being on this planet with compassion is something that we strongly believe in – and perhaps this comes at an ideal time, what with all the chaos, misinformation and negativity that seems to be clouding a lot of people’s judgement as of late.

To begin with, it must be understood that our lives on this relatively little planet we inhabit are all joined together, and that living in harmony with every creature is essential to “living in balance.” That being said, we do not believe that any products – including skin care and cosmetics – should be tested on animals; think about it: If a company has to test on animals to prove that a product isn’t harmful, this means there’s a strong possibility that it is, in fact, toxic in some manner. This is precisely why we are a major supporter of cruelty free skin care products.

In going back to Jovovo and our values, we place a great emphasis on understanding how your skin can react to stress, and one of the ways you can work on reducing that anxiety and stress is by staying in the present moment. What do we mean by that? Put simply, there is no one rule that demands you do a million things all at once – in fact, nowhere in the nonexistent “life handbook” is there a chapter that describes you worrying about everything that has yet to happen.

Here’s another way of reducing anxiety and stress so it won’t affect your skin and other vital organs of your body: Try to find beauty in every moment – even the horrible ones. Okay, okay…we know what you’re thinking right now, but let us explain. People seem to take issue with mindfulness at times; they wonder why an individual would want to stay planted and engaged in a painful moment. They want to disengage from things that cause them discomfort by escaping somehow. But mindfulness isn’t about chasing positivity per se – it’s about indulging in the present moment and reveling in all its “glory.” We expand our consciousness when we experience more in life, good or bad, because we learn from everything that happens.

What we’re saying here is that there is a positive side to everything, even the unfortunate ones, if you’re willing to be open to it, and there’s a peace about actually realizing you don’t care for a particular place, person or thing; by staying in the moment, not in the analysis of that moment, you can begin to see positivity in the horror. So choose beauty, choose possibility, choose to learn and choose to leave your heart open.
Your stress levels with thank you for it.