Avoid Harmful Chemicals with the Best Anti-Aging Serum January 16, 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Did you know your skin care products could actually be harming your body? It’s true: many beauty products tend to include harsh chemicals that are known to have adverse health effects. Some commonly used ingredients have even been linked to breast cancer. From facial creams and lotions to shampoos and deodorant, numerous toxic chemicals can be found in all of them, and each toxin poses a threat to your health. Do your skin and overall health a favor and avoid these potential health risks with the best anti aging serum.

At Jovovo Naturals, we strive to provide our customers with effective skin care products, designed to replenish even the most sensitive skin. Utilizing all-natural ingredients is our first priority, so we focus on where science meets nature. In an effort to promote beautiful skin and protect our customers from the harmful chemicals found in countless skin care products, we’ve comprised a list of these toxins and the potential damage they present.

Harmful Chemicals and Their Effects on Your Health

When you apply gels, ointments, and lotion to your skin, your body begins to absorb the ingredients, and that includes any toxic chemicals. In fact, our bodies can absorb up to 60% of the chemicals we put on our skin. With this, imagine the potentially harmful chemicals that enter your body when using various skin care products. You could be exposing your body to a variety of toxic chemicals and, unfortunately, most product labels won’t outright tell you that. Accordingly, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with the numerous chemicals used in skin care products and the threats they pose to your health. Take a look at some of these chemicals below:


  • Coal Tar: Often used in dry skin treatment, coal tar is a carcinogen, which is known to cause cancer in living tissue.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Found in acne products, benzoyl peroxide can irritate your eyes, skin, respiratory system, and even damage DNA in human cells.
  • Dioxin: Excluded from product labels, dioxin is used in facial cleansers and presents a number of problems. It can cause cancer, affect the immune system, and promote miscarriages & birth defects.
  • Parabens: Parabens aren’t always listed in ingredients, but are used in many skin care products. They’ve been linked to breast cancer tumors and could contribute to male infertility and early puberty in females.
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): PEGS can be found in everything from sunscreen to skin care and usually contain high levels of dioxin (listed above).
  • Oxybenzone: An active ingredient in some sunscreens, oxybenzone can cause allergies, disrupt hormones, damage cells, and contribute to low birth weight in infants.
  • Phthalates: Another chemical not always listed on labels, phthalates present numerous health effects, such as liver & kidney damage, birth defects, cancer, and endocrine disruption.

Know What’s In Your Skin Care Products with Jovovo Naturals

As you can see, the list of chemicals found in skin care products is seemingly endless. Each chemical presents a variety of health risks that will not only affect you, but could also affect offspring. Protect your skin and health from these chemicals and buy all natural products, like the ones we offer here at Jovovo!

As the makers of the best anti aging serum, the minds behind Jovovo Naturals know the importance and benefits of all natural ingredients. We offer a thoughtful and unique line of products to provide customers with beautiful skin in the absence of harmful chemicals. We keep both our customers and the environment in mind when creating our effective and sensitive products. Take a look at our online store and start doing what’s best for your skin and body.